“…..my son was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Processing Disorder in Elementary School.  As a result, he has had a very difficult time being able to concentrate long enough to comprehend what he reads.  Since working with Boyd, we have noticed a dramatic improvement in his concentration, comprehension, and ability to work independently.”    Erin Doran


“…My son was diagnosed in 4th grade of having a learning difference-difficulty with reading, comprehension and memorization.  Boyd worked with my son who at the time was 16.  …My son is now 18, in honor and AP classes in high school and will attend an Ivy League college next year.”  SLC Mom


“…I noticed that I was reading faster and with significantly less strain.  My reading speed had increased by about a third and my comprehension level had roughly doubled!   Adam, CU Student


“…Anna is a leader in the classroom and in sports.  She feels as though her ability to work hard, focus, and memorize information has greatly improved.”  Jenny McKenzie, PhD.


 “I sought treatment from Boyd for symptoms of a closed head injury and found that it was very helpful.  My cognition, vision, and PTSD symptoms all improved as a result of his unique ability to rebalance brains.  I highly recommend his work for anyone dealing with brain challenges!” College Professor


“I feel I have benefited greatly in that I have now developed an improved relationship with my own body.  It can be described as a new reborn feeling in some cases…In my sport of speed skating for instance I have noted increased muscle awareness, improved balance, and coordination.  My thoughts are more easily focused. I am more aware (present) to my surroundings; therefore, I can react faster to changes in my competitive environment.  I feel more confident racing in pack style events. These benefits have also helped me in everyday life.”  National Level In-Line Speed Skater – Eric

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