Treatment of Dyslexia

Each person can experience the symptoms of Dyslexia differently.

At Focus and Beyond™  we focus on resolving the underlying causes of Dyslexia symptoms affecting learning and self-esteem.  Sessions first begin with an individualized stress assessment to prioritize specific stressors.  A basic assessment addresses:

  1. reading comprehension
  2. language processing
  3. verbal skills
  4. writing skills
  5. math skills
  6. handwriting
  7. visual and auditory processing stress
  8. digit span/spelling
  9. hemipheric stress
  10. confusion between the hemispheres

Treatment sessions for Dyslexia incorporate appropriate cognitive/sensory and motor challenges specific to an individuals Dyslexia symptoms along with gentle acupressure, sound and light treatments. The dynamic application of multiple integration challenges, combined with the appropriate eastern-based methods to release stress patterns, results in the most rapid resolve of stress patterns in the brain for enhanced focus, memory, and learning.

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