Symptoms of Dyslexia

A person with dyslexia may have trouble rhyming and separating sounds that make up spoken words. These abilities are critical in the process of learning to read. A child’s initial reading skills are based on word recognition, which involves being able to separate out the sounds in words and match them with letters and groups of letters.

Because people with dyslexia have difficulty connecting the sounds of language to the letters of words, they may have difficulty understanding sentences.

True dyslexia is much broader than simply confusing or transposing letters, for example mistaking ”b” and “d”.

General symptoms of dyslexia include:

  • Difficulty determining the meaning (idea content) of a simple sentence
  • Difficulty learning to recognize written words
  • Difficulty rhyming

Dyslexia may occur in combination with writing or math learning problems. If you are concerned, seek help from a professional.

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