Children Dyslexia

Reading seems easy and automatic for people who master it without difficulty. However, reading is a complex and challenging task for our brain, so we shouldn’t be surprised that many kids have problems with it.

Some studies suggest about 15% to 20% of the U.S. population has a specific reading disability called dyslexia, which is the major cause of reading failure in school. Dealing with this learning challenge can lead to frustration and self-doubt, especially when it goes undiagnosed for a long time. The good news is that dyslexia can be identified early and kids who have it can be taught to become successful readers.

Kids with dyslexia, have trouble with phonemic awareness and phonics. Research has shown that dyslexia occurs because of subtle problems in information processing, especially in the language regions of the brain.  For this reason, reading doesn’t become automatic and remains slow and labored. When a child struggles with the beginning steps in reading, comprehension suffers and frustration normally follows.

A common assumption about dyslexia is that letters or words appear reversed; i.e., “was” appears like “saw.”  This type of problem can be a part of dyslexia, but reversals are very common among kids up until first or second grade, not just kids with dyslexia.  The major problem for kids with dyslexia is in phonemic awareness, phonics, and rapid word recognition.  Seek professional help if you have concerns.

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