Nobody is a natural.  You work hard to get good and then work hard to get better.  It’s hard to stay on top.
Paul Coffey

Finally there is a better way for Amateur and Professional athletes to succeed as never before.  Stay ahead of your game and your competition.

Whether you are new to a sport or dreaming of an Olympic medal, everyone’s success lies within their own reach.  Focus and Beyond™ can help an athlete improve focus and performance and achieve success.

Resolving stress patterns in the brain that affect processing, attitudes and performance is the key to unlocking each athlete’s true potential during competitions, and improving their level and consistency of performance.

Without the need for additional training, coaching or nutritional supplements, Focus and Beyond™ can help immediately improve  athletic performance.

Teams can benefit from the increased functionality of each team member.

Specialized integration intensives are uniquely designed for the most rapid resolve of specific neural blockages affecting focus, performance and attitudes.

Sessions first begin with an individualized stress assessment to prioritize specific stressors.  A basic assessment addresses:

  1. coordination (hand/eye)
  2. balance both static and dynamic
  3. core processing
  4. visual and auditory processing stress
  5. hemispheric stress
  6. specific motor movements

Treatment sessions incorporate appropriate cognitive/sensory and motor challenges depending each athletes needs along with gentle acupressure, sound and light treatments. The application of multiple integration challenges, combined with the appropriate eastern-based methods to release stress patterns, results in a rapid resolve of neural blockages for enhanced focus, learning and athletic performance.

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