In 2012  Boyd A. Schwartz co-founded Focus and Beyond’s™ Premier Nationwide Accelerated Brain Training Program.  Founding members include Practioners and other Professionals dedicated to promoting academic and athletic excellence through drug-free resolution of a wide range of learning and processing challenges.

In 2005 Boyd focussed on resolving specific learning challenges for children and adults.  He now utilizes a broad spectrum of drug-free approaches that can also help athletes and advanced students achieve higher levels of focus, performance and success within and beyond the classroom and athletic arena.

From 1994-2000 Boyd worked for the Maier/Watkins Behavioral Neuroscience research facility at the University of Colorado, Boulder Campus.  Research emphasized neuroscience & immunology.  The main focus was examining neural communication pathways, associated behaviors and immune response both via the central nervous system (CNS) and the enteric nervous system (ENS).

Boyd has also worked with athletes ranging from Olympic qualifiers, tri-athletes, volleyball, soccer, tennis, baseball, and football players, wrestlers, gymnasts, divers, golfers, speed skaters, in-line skaters, cyclists and swimmers.

Boyd has always been an avid athlete and from 1995-2000 he trained in Long Distance Speed Skating in preparation for Olympic trials. While in training, Boyd had a serious bicycle accident that ended his Olympic aspirations.  Boyd turned this life changing event into an opportunity to not only heal himself, but became an added impetus to study, develop and incorporate highly effective healing modalities that restore and synchronize brain function.

In 1984 Boyd received a full four-year scholarship to a private liberal arts college in Pennsylvania, and completed his degree in business in 1988.  In 1985 he was first introduced to acupressure and visualization techniques for learning enhancement by the pioneering Director of a National Scholarship Program, D. J. Hemmerling.  This experience sparked Boyd’s future interest in exploring pioneering efforts from around the globe in fusing eastern based healing modalities with modern neuroscience to promote optimal learning and processing.

In 1989 he attended The Colorado School of the Healing Arts in Evergreen, CO.  It was while attending this school that Boyd was first introduced to neural re-patterning exercises and emotional diffusion techniques by visiting child developmental psychologists.

In 1991, Boyd’s commitment to healing and helping others led him to become a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama.

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